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More than 350 keywords from relativity and related topics, from "absolute zero" to "X-rays" - please use the menu on the left to choose a letter.
X-ray astronomy
Branch of physics devoted to the observation of X-rays reaching us from the depths of space. Such radiation is typically produced as the thermal radiation of ...
Highly energetic electromagnetic waves with frequencies between a few hundred Quadrillions and a few hundred Quintillions of oscillations per second, ...
When gas, dust or other kinds of matter fall towards a compact object (such as a black hole or a neutron star), a disk of infalling matter forms around the ...
abundances of elements
What portion of atomic matter in the universe is made up of hydrogen atoms? What fraction takes the form of helium, and how abundant are the other chemical ...
Every change of velocity with time is an acceleration. This definition is slightly different from our everyday usage of the word. Ordinarily, we talk of an ...
relativity theory
The modern theories of space and time that go back to Albert Einstein: His special theory of relativity, which leaves out the effects of gravitation, and his ...
Models, effects or phenomena in which special relativity or general relativity play a crucial role are called relativistic. Examples are relativistic quantum ...
special relativity
Albert Einstein's theory of the fundamentals of space, time, and movement (but not gravity). For a brief introduction, check out the chapter Special relativity ...
absolute zero
The lowest possible temperature. By its definition in physics, temperature has the character of an average energy. For instance, the temperature of gas is ...
Special relativity
General relativity
The principle of relativity
Relative to whom?
"Everything is relative," as the pop version of Einstein's theory goes. Not so. That statement, for instance, is absolutely wrong. The scope of special ...
Special relativity
Spotlights on relativity
Elementary Einstein
At the beginning of the twentieth century, Albert Einstein revolutionized the way scientists think about space and time. "Elementary Einstein" takes you on a ...
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