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Descent into a black hole
The story of an expedition's closer and closer approach to a black hole - too close?
The dark heart of the Milky Way
Information about the closest supermassive black hole - the central object of our own galaxy
Luminous disks: How black holes light up their surroundings
How the fact that black holes are very efficient in attracting surrounding matter leads to some of the most spectacularly luminous phenomena in the whole of ...
Active black holes: Ultra-hot cosmic beacons
What astronomers can see once a black hole has heated up its cosmic neighbourhood, stimulating it to emit bright radiation
How many different kinds of black holes are there?
Once they have settled down, there are actually only very few different kinds of black hole - find out which, and how black holes shed other distinguishing ...
Changing places - space and time inside a black hole
How, in one sense, space and time switch their roles inside a black hole - and why this leads to a black hole's most characteristic property, namely that ...
Particle accelerators as black hole factories?
The intriguing possibility that the next generation of particle accelerators might produce - and allow the detection of - miniature black holes
What figure skaters, orbiting planets and neutron stars have in common
Some information about what is called the conservation of angular momentum, and its consequences for neutron stars, black holes and the matter disks around ...
Heat that meets the eye
The connection between temperature and the emission of electromagnetic radiation, as well as the consequences for stars, matter disks around black holes, and ...