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Particle accelerators as black hole factories?
The intriguing possibility that the next generation of particle accelerators might produce - and allow the detection of - miniature black holes
Avoiding the big bang
The collapsing and then re-expanding quantum universe that loop quantum gravity offers as a replacement of the standard big bang models
Taming infinity with loops
How loop quantum gravity could replace the absurd state of infinite density, the big bang with which, according to Einstein's relativity, the universe began
Searching for the quantum beginning of the universe
About attempts to understand the beginning of our universe using different approaches to quantum gravity
Actors on a changing stage: quantum gravity and background independence
The principle of background independence - space and time are no fixed structure, but take part in the dynamical evolution of the world - and its consequences ...
Extra dimensions - and how to hide them
Why our universe could possess dimensions beyond length, width and depth - and why those dimensions need not be noticeable in everyday life
The embedded universe
Is our three-dimensional world embedded in a higher-dimensional space?
Hunting for extra dimensions
Ways of detecting extra dimensions - and why the fact that our earth orbits the sun is a relevant data point
Simplicity in higher dimensions
Why matters that seem rather complicated might be much more simple in higher dimensions
The fabric of space: spin networks
The quantum structure of space according to loop quantum gravity
Geometry from order: causal sets
An overview of the causal set approach to a theory of quantum gravity
The sum over all possibilities: The path integral formulation of quantum theory
About the path integral approach to quantum theory