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Waves, motion and frequency: the Doppler effect
How motion influences waves, or other kinds of ever-repeating signals, in classical physics and in special relativity.
From E=mc² to the atomic bomb
The subtle connections between Einstein's formula, nuclear fission and nuclear fusion
Einstein's Nobel heritage
An overview of Nobel prizes connected with relativistic physics
Is the whole the sum of its parts?
Why Einstein's famous formula tells us that the whole, as far as mass is concerned, is often less than the sum of its parts
Twins on the road
How one can picture the situation of the travelling twin, using a simple geometric analogy
The case of the travelling twins
Why the so-called "twin paradox" isn't really a paradox
The dialectic of relativity
How relativity can reconcile statements that, at first glance, appear to be contradictory
The definition of "now"
Why it is necessary to define simultaneity, and how best to go about defining it.
Time dilation on the road
How you can picture the relativity of simultaneity and time dilation, using a simple geometric analogy