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Schwarzschild solution
See Schwarzschild black hole, Schwarzschild solution.
radio signals
See radio waves
no-hair theorem
See black hole uniqueness theorems.
Newton's constant
See gravitational constant
minute of arc
See arcminute, arcseond.
"Micro" as a prefix denotes "one millionths", making a micrometre a millionth of a meter.
See light-second etc., above
light elements
According to the big bang models, the early universe underwent a brief period of primordial nucleosynthesis between a few seconds and a few minutes cosmic ...
Spotlights on relativity
inertial forces
In classical mechanics or special relativity: Whenever an observer who is not an inertial observer wants to explain the movements of bodies using the law ...
Basic law of classical mechanics and special relativity: bodies on which no external forces act move with constant speed on straight paths. In the geometrical ...
Hubble relation
See Hubble constant
See gravitation
gravitational redshift
According to general relativity, light flying away from a massive body (or other source of gravity) experience a redshift - its frequency decreases and the ...
Friedmann-LemaƮtre-Robertson-Walker universe
The simplest assumptions one can make about a universe are that it is homogeneous and isotropic. Homogeneity means that the properties of matter and of the ...
frame of reference
See reference frame
fourth test
Another name for measurements of the Shapiro time delay as an addition to the three classical tests of general relativity.
FLRW universe
See Friedman-LemaƮtre-Robertson-Walker universe.
See nuclear fission
exact solution
In general relativity, a solution of Einstein's equations is a model universe that follows the law of gravity given by general relativity. If the properties of ...
elementary particle
Within the commonly accepted models of physics, certain particles are not built of even more fundamental sub-particles - they are themselves elementary. ...
Matter in coordinated, flowing motion - think of water flowing in a pipe. An important example is the electric current associated with moving electric charges. ...
cluster of galaxies
See galaxy cluster
Cosmic microwave background radiation
See cosmic background radiation, above.
classical tests of general relativity
See tests of general relativity, classical
chemical evolution
The changes in the abundances of the different chemical elements that have taken place throughout the history of the universe, mainly in the very early ...
chemical element
See element
See cosmic censorship, below.
atomic nucleus
See nucleus.
aggregate state
See under states of matter.