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Mass number, number of protons, name of isotope, mass [MeV/c^2], binding energy [MeV] and binding energy per nucleus [MeV] for different atomic nuclei
A brief history of EO
More about the website and its (brief) history.
Changing places - space and time inside a black hole
How, in one sense, space and time switch their roles inside a black hole - and why this leads to a black hole's most characteristic property, namely that ...
Gravitational redshift and White Dwarf stars
One of the fundamental effects predicted by general relativity, and some of its astronomical applications
Table of Content
eLISA - Hunting waves in space
Information about the latest version of the most ambitious gravitational wave project - a detector in space
Particle accelerators as black hole factories?
The intriguing possibility that the next generation of particle accelerators might produce - and allow the detection of - miniature black holes
The embedded universe
Is our three-dimensional world embedded in a higher-dimensional space?
Listening posts around the globe
Overview of the gravitational wave detectors currently operational, or under construction
Searching for the quantum beginning of the universe
About attempts to understand the beginning of our universe using different approaches to quantum gravity
Twins on the road
How one can picture the situation of the travelling twin, using a simple geometric analogy
Small vibrations
Some information on how the vintage models among gravitational wave detectors work - resonant detectors
Simplicity in higher dimensions
Why matters that seem rather complicated might be much more simple in higher dimensions
The case of the travelling twins
Why the so-called "twin paradox" isn't really a paradox
A brief history of gravitational lensing
Historical sketch of the derivation of general relativity's prediction of gravitational lenses and subsequent astronomical observations
Catching the wave with light
Some information on how interferometric detectors such as LIGO or GEO600 work
Hunting for extra dimensions
Ways of detecting extra dimensions - and why the fact that our earth orbits the sun is a relevant data point
Taming infinity with loops
How loop quantum gravity could replace the absurd state of infinite density, the big bang with which, according to Einstein's relativity, the universe began
The mathematical universe
Why cosmology is not only a matter for astronomers and physicists, but also for mathematicians
Time dilation on the road
How you can picture the relativity of simultaneity and time dilation, using a simple geometric analogy
Einstein@Home - gravitational waves for everybody
Informations about how you personally can help with the search for gravitational wave - by donating processing time on your private computer
Avoiding the big bang
The collapsing and then re-expanding quantum universe that loop quantum gravity offers as a replacement of the standard big bang models
The shape of space
The different space geometries allowed by the big bang models - do we live on a hypersphere?
From E=mc² to the atomic bomb
The subtle connections between Einstein's formula, nuclear fission and nuclear fusion
The definition of "now"
Why it is necessary to define simultaneity, and how best to go about defining it.
Is the whole the sum of its parts?
Why Einstein's famous formula tells us that the whole, as far as mass is concerned, is often less than the sum of its parts
Gravitational deflection of light
On one of the fundamental consequences of general relativity: the deflection of light by gravity
Extra dimensions - and how to hide them
Why our universe could possess dimensions beyond length, width and depth - and why those dimensions need not be noticeable in everyday life
A tale of two big bangs
In cosmology, "big bang" has two different meanings - and if you want to understand what's going on, you should be aware of that difference.