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What figure skaters, orbiting planets and neutron stars have in common
Some information about what is called the conservation of angular momentum, and its consequences for neutron stars, black holes and the matter disks around ...
Of gravitational waves and spherical chickens
Information about a class of simple model universes, each an expanding cosmos filled with gravitational waves
Of singularities and breadmaking
About some characteristic properties of spacetime near singularities - and the violent deformations they cause for any object unlucky enough to approach a ...
The gravity of gravity
An important property of gravity in Einstein's theory is that it can create more gravity. The result is "non-linearity" - the gravitational influence of two ...
The realm of relativistic hydrodynamics
Modeling relativistic fluids and the phenomena associated with them - from supernovae and jets to merging neutron stars
Spacetime singularities
Information about the most disturbing feature of Einstein's theory - ragged edges of spacetime known as singularities.
Einstein's Nobel heritage
An overview of Nobel prizes connected with relativistic physics
The wave nature of simple gravitational waves
A closer look at the way that simple gravitational waves propagate through space with time
Active black holes: Ultra-hot cosmic beacons
What astronomers can see once a black hole has heated up its cosmic neighbourhood, stimulating it to emit bright radiation
The sum over all possibilities: The path integral formulation of quantum theory
About the path integral approach to quantum theory
The many ways of building an empty, unchanging universe
More information on one particular answer to the question of how much variety is permitted in general relativity - how many ways are there of constructing a ...
Cosmic Sound: Curvature and the cosmic background radiation
How the spatial geometry of the universe can be derived by observing the cosmic background radiation
Elements of the past: Big Bang Nucleosynthesis and observation
How to reconstruct the abundances of light elements shortly after the big bang, and thus test some important predictions of the big bang models against ...
Equilibrium and Change: The physics behind Big Bang Nucleosynthesis
The physics behind Big Bang Nucleosynthesis, the period shortly after the big bang that saw the first production of light elements such as helium and lithium
Big Bang Nucleosynthesis: Cooking up the first light elements
How the first nuclei of helium, lithium and other light elements were cooked up shortly after the big bang
Geometry from order: causal sets
An overview of the causal set approach to a theory of quantum gravity
Luminous disks: How black holes light up their surroundings
How the fact that black holes are very efficient in attracting surrounding matter leads to some of the most spectacularly luminous phenomena in the whole of ...
The dark heart of the Milky Way
Information about the closest supermassive black hole - the central object of our own galaxy
Actors on a changing stage: quantum gravity and background independence
The principle of background independence - space and time are no fixed structure, but take part in the dynamical evolution of the world - and its consequences ...