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...that all coordinate systems are created equal
Why, in general relativity, all observers are on an equal footing - and why, nevertheless, you can say that the earth orbits the sun, but not the other way ...
Descent into a black hole
The story of an expedition's closer and closer approach to a black hole - too close?
The elevator, the rocket, and gravity: the equivalence principle
Information about the principle that Einstein took as a starting point for developing his general theory of relativity
Gravity: from weightlessness to curvature
So what is gravity in Einstein's theory? The answer: in part, an illusion; in part, an aspect of geometry.
Mass and more
An account of which physical properties act as sources of gravity - includes consequences for collapsing stars and for cosmology
The fabric of space: spin networks
The quantum structure of space according to loop quantum gravity
Chirping neutron stars
For some gravitational wave signals, one can go beyond graphs and animations - they can be made audible
The dialectic of relativity
How relativity can reconcile statements that, at first glance, appear to be contradictory
From soap bubbles to Einstein
Most readers will know them from childhood: soap bubbles