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How many different kinds of black holes are there?
Once they have settled down, there are actually only very few different kinds of black hole - find out which, and how black holes shed other distinguishing ...
Schwarzschild, LISA & Co.
About Us
Information about the people behind Einstein Online - from the editorial team and our authors to the scientific advisory council.
Further reading
(off-line section)
Further reading
(off-line section)
Answers to some frequently asked questions
Special relativity
The basics and some applications of special relativity: Relativistic nobel prizes, the concept of relativity, E-equals-m-c-squared, time dilation and the ...
Partner Institutions
The following institutes and institutions have contributed to Einstein Online as part of their Science Outreach activities
Relativity and the Quantum
Relativistic quantum theory, string theory, loop quantum gravity and other attempts to unify Einstein's gravitation with quantum theory; the uses of extra ...
Complete list of spotlights
The big bang and all the rest: The geometry of the universe, the formation of the first light chemical elements, cosmology and quantum gravity
Spotlights on relativity
Black Holes & Co.
Black holes, neutron stars and supernovae: Flight into a black hole, the black hole in the center of the Milky Way, how many different kinds of black hole are ...
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Gravitational waves
More about gravitational waves, how they are produced and how they will hopefully be detected: a survey of current detectors, how to make gravitational waves ...
What's new?
An overview of recent additions to the website.
General relativity
Foundations of Einstein's theory of gravity: Einstein and soap bubbles, what is a source of gravity, the equivalence principle and free fall
Heat that meets the eye
The connection between temperature and the emission of electromagnetic radiation, as well as the consequences for stars, matter disks around black holes, and ...
Detecting gravitational waves
More about gravitational wave detectors on earth and in space
Gravitational waves Home