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This page features an overview of all our Spotlights on Relativity dealing with the basic features of general relativity. The spotlight texts under the heading Fundamentals deal with the equivalence principle, the equal rights of all observers and the question which properties of a body determine its gravitational influence. The section General relativity and light examines gravity's influence on the propagation and properties of light, while Singularities takes a look at some of the theory's more disturbing predictions for the interior of black holes and the beginning of our universe. The mathematics of general relativity is all about the more mathematical aspects of Einstein's theories - from the surprising connection to the theory of soap bubbles to the question of how much variety Einstein's equations admit. The focus of the section Numerical relativity are computer simulations of complex relativistic phenomena, such as merging black holes. Under Miscellaneous, there is a text on the relativistic Nobel prizes.

Many more Spotlights concerned with specific consequences and applications of general relativity can be found on the overview pages Gravitational Waves, Black Holes & Co., Cosmology and Relativity and the Quantum.

Useful background information can be found in our introduction Elementary Einstein, especially in the chapter General Relativity.