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Space-time travel pages
Online-articles, images and movies presenting visualizations of relativity theory
Interested in joining the hunt for gravitational waves? Thanks to the Einstein@Home project, you can - if you have a fast internet connection, you can donate your personal computer's idle time to help analyze the data from modern gravitational wave detectors.
Einstein Light: A brief illumination of relativity
Multimedia presentation of the basics of special relativity - includes many helpful animations; in the advanced modules, some formulae are used, as well
John Baez' General Relativity Tutorial
Easy-going introduction to general relativity - including formulae and mathematical concepts
Pavillion of Science and Industry
This website from the National Center for Supercomputing Applications contains two great expositions about relativistic physics: Spacetime wrinkles (about gravitational waves and numerical relativity) and Cosmos in a computer about cosmological simulations.
Imagine the Universe!
Website provided by NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, with lots of information about astrophysics, including topics such as black holes and cosmology.
Andrew Hamilton's Homepage
Includes an online introduction to relativity and lots of visualizations of relativistic effects
The official String Theory Website
Web pages about the basic concepts of superstring theory, one of the candidates for a unified theory of general relativity and quantum theory (and much more)
Open Directory: Relativity
Comprehensive collection of relativity links - from popular science pages to resources for physics students