Will there be a forum for Einstein Online?

In the foreseeable future, no. Instead, we recommend the already existing newsgroups in which Einstein’s physics can be discussed – they can be found via http://www.physicsforums.com/.

If you want to discuss Einstein with other readers, both laypersons and experts, you might want to check out their section “Special & General Relativity”.

I would like to discuss special relativity/general relativity/my own theories with one of your scientists – could you put me in touch?

We get a sizeable number of requests for discussion by correspondents wishing to talk about Einsteins theories of relativity or, equally often, about their own alternative theories (from hyper-relativity to theories of brain function). Already, our scientists are putting in much time talking to journalists or giving public lectures, and in order not to put more demands on their time, we regretfully have to decline these requests.

To readers eager to discuss either Einstein’s theories or their own, we would like to recommend the discussion forums listed in the previous answer.

Direct questions about the content of Einstein-Online will of course be answered under contact@einstein-online.info; journalists should contact Elke Müller, elke.mueller@aei.mpg.de, with their requests.