Contributing Institutions

Members of the following institutes and institutions have contributed to Einstein Online as part of their Science Outreach activities

California Institute of Technology

Heidelberg University

Cosmic Sound: Curvature and the cosmic background radiation (Matthias Bartelmann)

Karlstad University

Spacetime singularities (Claes Uggla)

Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (AEI)

Climate research with gravitational wave technology (Gerhard Heinzel)
First measurement of gravitational waves of colliding neutron stars (Tim Dietrich)
Multi-messenger astrophysics and numerical relativity (Masaru Shibata)
Extra dimensions – and how to hide them (Stefan Theisen)
Listening posts around the globe (Badri Krishnan and Carsten Aulbert)
The embedded universe (Stefan Theisen)
The mathematical universe (Alan Rendall)
Hunting for extra dimensions (Stefan Theisen)

Oakland University

Of singularities and breadmaking (David Garfinkle)

Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics

Actors on a changing stage: quantum gravity and background independence (Lee Smolin)
Geometry from order: causal sets (Rafael Sorkin)

Polish Academy of Sciences

White Dwarf binaries as gravitational wave sources (Andrzej Krolak)

University of Nottingham

Searching for the quantum beginning of the universe (Jorma Louko)