Detecting gravitational waves

More about gravitational wave detectors on earth and in space

Listening posts around the globe

Overview of the gravitational wave detectors currently operational, or under construction

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Catching the wave with light

Some information on how interferometric detectors such as LIGO or GEO600 work

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Small vibrations

Some information on how the vintage models among gravitational wave detectors work – resonant detectors

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LISA – Hunting waves in space

Information about the latest version of the most ambitious gravitational wave project – a detector in space

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Observation of Gravitational Waves from a Binary Black Hole Merger

Albert Einstein predicted their existence back in 1916, and on 14 September 2015 they were directly detected for the first time: Gravitational waves. Two large interferometric detectors of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration with major contributions from German researchers detected the signal known as “GW150914”. The waves originate from the merger of two black holes and are the first direct observation of these exotic objects.

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